52 Pick-Up Quotes

Alan Raimy: Then I asked the guy, I said, "Who told you where to find me?" Oh, he said it was you.
Leo Franks: I didn't tell him! Jesus Christ! I didn't even tell him your first name!
Alan Raimy: OK! It could have been someone else!
Leo Franks: All right, what about Doreen, huh? I mean, she went out with him!
Bobby Shy: She wouldn't talk to him.
Alan Raimy: How do you know that?
Bobby Shy: Because she's a friend of mine. And she knows if I found out, I'd throw her dead ass off a roof.

Movie: 52 Pick-Up
Bobby Shy: When a man pulls **** on me he is either very brave or very stoned. Which one are you?

Movie: 52 Pick-Up
Doreen: You a cop?
Harry: You wanna look in my wallet? Pat me down?
Doreen: You're the one who seems to want to do the patting.

Movie: 52 Pick-Up