3rd Rock from the Sun Quote

Dick: Oh good you're here. Did you copy the mainframe from the library?
Tommy: Uh, I got a little distracted.
Dick: Again? What happened?
Tommy: Well, I was watching these women play volleyball. And they were all jumping. Up. And down. Up. And down. With these little shorts, and some of them can't jump as high as the others, but it's okay. I mean, it's more than okay, it's really okay. I mean--
Dick: What is wrong with you?!
Tommy: I don't know.
Dick: We can't leave without that information, so access the net, download, and go straight home as soon as you're finished.
Tommy: Why are you talking to me like I'm a child?
Dick: You are a child.
Tommy: I'm older than you.
Dick: Well, now I'm bigger. And on this planet size matters.

TV Show: 3rd Rock from the Sun


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