30 Days Quotes

Bill Moseley: I said to Rob "Man this is really bumming me out" [referring to his rape-like scene with Priscilla Barnes]
Bill Moseley: and he looked at me and said "Art is not safe" and I said, wow.

Movie: 30 Days
Doug Hertz: They don't fall down when they're shot.
Beau Brower: Hell, neither do I.

Movie: 30 Days
[after getting shot in the arm by Eben]
The Stranger: You shithead.

Movie: 30 Days
[upon finding a bag of pot at the sheriff's station]
Sheriff Eben Oleson: What the hell is that?
Jake Oleson: It's pot. It helps her with her cancer.
Helen Munson: Didn't tell you I got a little greenhouse at home. Didn't want you arresting me.
Sheriff Eben Oleson: Now I know why you wanted to go live with grandma.

Movie: 30 Days