Cadpig: Ah, spring, a season of renewal. The flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping, Nanny is ridding the house of Cruella's electronic surveillance devices.

Movie: 101
Hlynur: [voice over] Why don't they show any porn in the morning? It's easy to get the rest up once your dicks up and about.

Movie: 101
Spot: Wait! I have to tell you two things! Number 1, Nanny left some extra kibble for you guys back at the shed!
Lucky, Cadpig, Rolly: What's number 2?
Spot: Look out for the sewer pipe!

Movie: 101
Zoey Brooks: [talking about Logan] Well, you should tell him that money doesn't give him a right to push people around.
Chase Matthews: Oh, I did.
Zoey Brooks: And?
Chase Matthews: He gave me fifty bucks to shut up.

Movie: 101
[Cruella has spotted the dogs running away across a field]
Cruella De Vil: Bingo! [sarcastically]
Cruella De Vil: Poor little things... I'm gonna cut you off, then cut you up!

Movie: 101