Wuthering Heights Quotes

Cathy: Heathcliff, make the world stop right here. Make everything stop and stand still and never move again. Make the moors never change and you and I never change.
Heathcliff: The moors and I will never change. Don't you, Cathy.
Cathy: I can't. I can't. No matter what I ever do or say, Heathcliff, this is me now; standing on this hill with you. This is me forever.

Movie: Wuthering Heights
Cathy: Did Joseph see which way you came?
Heathcliff: What does it matter? Nothing's real down there. Our life is here.
Cathy: Yes, milord.

Movie: Wuthering Heights
Dr. Kenneth: Hindley, why don't you hit yourself over the head with a hammer when you wake up every morning?
Hindley: Why?
Dr. Kenneth: Well, if you do, you'll achieve virtually the same results as you do with a bottle of whiskey, with much less wear and tear on the kidneys.

Movie: Wuthering Heights
Dr. Kenneth: Ask your husband to call another doctor in future. Whoever dwells in this house is beyond my healing arts.

Movie: Wuthering Heights
Heathcliff: Going somewhere?
Cathy: Where would I go, my love? It's raining.
Heathcliff: Yet you have that silk frock on, my love.
Heathcliff: Someone coming here, perhaps?
Cathy: Perhaps.
Heathcliff: Edgar Linton?
Cathy: [freeing her head from Nellie's fussing hands] I said enough, Nellie... Let me alone!
Heathcliff: [slowly walking towards Cathy] Three months ago we lay together yet since then every evening is spent with the Lintons!
Cathy: Perhaps I find Edgar easier company. Perhaps he doesn't talk of curses and fall into a brooding silence.
Heathcliff: So you dislike my company?
Cathy: It's no company at all when people know nothing and say nothing.
Heathcliff: [hurt, and giving away as much] Yeah... There. At last you said that I am no longer worthy of you.
Heathcliff: [bitterly] I say, may you suffer for this.
Cathy: [holding back tears] So I am cursed too, am I?
Heathcliff: No, I am the one that is truly cursed. I was cursed the moment I laid eyes on you.

Movie: Wuthering Heights
Ellen Dean: It is that Heathcliff, madam.

Movie: Wuthering Heights
Older Cathy: You and Edgar broke my heart. You've killed me... Will you be happy when I am in the earth? Will you forget me?
Older Heathcliff: Don't torture me! I've not killed you. I could no more forget you than myself. When you're at peace, I shall be in hell.
Older Cathy: I will never be at peace.

Movie: Wuthering Heights
[last lines]Young Cathy: I am Heathcliff.

Movie: Wuthering Heights
Older Heathcliff: Don't leave me here where I can't find you.

Movie: Wuthering Heights
Isabella Linton: You must have some stories to tell.
Older Heathcliff: Stories?
Isabella Linton: Well, you've been gone a while. You changed. We were all wondering.
Older Heathcliff: There is nothing I want to remember.

Movie: Wuthering Heights