Witchblade Quotes

Kenneth Irons: Common sense has never been a reliable guide to understanding the universe.

Movie: Witchblade
Mugger: Wallet, watch and cash, bitch!
Ian Nottingham: Risky line of work you're in.
Mugger: Do you want me to kill you?
Ian Nottingham: Kind of.
Mugger: Well, I'm game. Now give me what I asked you for!
Ian Nottingham: I'm going to give you more than what you asked me for. I'm going to give you... your life.

Movie: Witchblade
Sara Pezzini: [to Ian] Do you ever *not* lurk?

Movie: Witchblade
Sara Pezzini: And that's the story of how I came to have this strange thing on my hand called the Witchblade. I still don't know exactly what the Witchblade is, or how to use it. Every day I gain a bit more control, but this control requires will and vigilance. I think of Danny a lot. He was right. Everything and everyone is more connected than we realize. So there is no pat ending, no neat finale, no single final image.

Movie: Witchblade