Wilde Quotes

Bruno Buckingham: Tony, this is not about sex. This is about power. I need to do this to disgust MYSELF, to become selfless in the name of... love.
Alex Lee: Love?
Bruno Buckingham: There, I said it.
Alex Lee: You're gonna **** your chauffeur to prove you love me?
Bruno Buckingham: You see? The woman is smart.

Movie: Wilde
James T. West: Where are you headed for now, Jeremiah?
Jeremiah: Home.
Artemus Gordon: Where's that?
Jeremiah: I don't know where that is yet.

Movie: Wilde
Lion: I'm king!
Popeye: Then I'll crown you! [punches lion on head; bump forms into crown]

Movie: Wilde
Queenie: [Talking about her first audition in Vaudeville] In fact, I was starving. You can't believe that, can you?
Dale Sword: [smiling] No, no I can't believe there wasn't always someone looking after you.

Movie: Wilde