While You Were Sleeping Quotes

Dr. Rubin: [about Elsie] Is she all right?
Saul: [quietly] She has a little heart problem, she's had three attacks already.
Elsie: They weren't attacks, they were episodes.
Saul: Nothing wrong with her hearing.

Movie: While You Were Sleeping
Jack: [in Peter's Apartment] You stay here a lot, huh?
Lucy: [uncomfortably lying] Oh, you know, feed the cat.
Jack: Peter doesn't have a cat.
Lucy: [winces, but is interrrupted by the appearance of a cat, looking for food. She goes to it and picks it up] Oh, hello, honey, hi... [discreetly checks tag for name]
Lucy: ... *Fluffy*! Oh, Fluffy...

Movie: While You Were Sleeping
Lucy: The truth was that I fell in love with you.
Ox Callahan: You fell in love with me?
Lucy: No, N-o, yes. All of you. I went from being all alone to being a fiancee, a daughter a granddaughter, a sister and a friend.

Movie: While You Were Sleeping
Lucy: I'm having an affair. I like Jack.
Jerry: Who's Jack?
Lucy: Peter's brother.
Jerry: So?
Lucy: So he thinks I'm engaged.
Jerry: To who?
Lucy: To Peter.
Jerry: Lucy, I really don't have time for this.
Lucy: No, you have to tell me what to do.
Jerry: Tell the truth.
Lucy: If I tell Jack I lied to his family he will *never* speak to me again. And Ox and Midge and Mary and Saul.
Jerry: Saul? Who's Saul?
Lucy: The next door neighbor. But you know what? Actually, he knows.
Jerry: Lucy, you are born into a family. You do not join them like you do the marines.
Lucy: So what should I do?
Jerry: Pull the plug.
Lucy: You're sick.
Jerry: I'm sick? You're cheating on a vegetable.

Movie: While You Were Sleeping
Lucy: Wh-why did you say that?
Nurse Wanda: Say what?
Lucy: I'm not his fiancee.
Nurse Wanda: Why did you tell me that you were?
Lucy: I'm not engaged. I've never even spoken to the guy.
Nurse Wanda: What? Well, do-, downstairs, you said, you said you were gonna marry him.
Lucy: Oh, geez, I was talking to myself.
Nurse Wanda: Well, next time you talk to yourself, tell yourself you're single and end the conversation.

Movie: While You Were Sleeping
Peter: I'm making a clean start with Lucy. She is - She is - She... What is she? She's...
Jack: I'd say that she gets under your skin as soon as you meet her. She drives you so nuts you don't know whether to hug her or, or just really arm wrestle her. She would go all the way to Europe just to get a stamp in her passport. I don't know if that amounts to insanity, or just being really, really... likable.
Peter: No, that's not it. [Jack looks annoyed]
Peter: But she's gotta be really special. She's gotta be. And I can spend the rest of my life finding out why. [Jack leaves]

Movie: While You Were Sleeping