While I Was Gone Quotes

Young Jo Beckett: You slept with them all?
Dana Jablonski: Yep. It was nothing heavy, I mean we're all still friends. Do you think that makes me a slut?
Young Jo Beckett: No! I mean if it's all cool then that's great!
Dana Jablonski: Yeah, you know I kinda just look at it like dancing. You have different partners for difference dances. Some like to waltz and some like to do the tango and some like to foxtrot. [she laughs]
Young Jo Beckett: Let me guess, Duncan tango's?
Dana Jablonski: Yeah and the dance of narcissism.
Young Jo Beckett: And Larry, he does rock'n'roll?
Dana Jablonski: Yeah, that's just like 'cut to the chase, let's get it on!' [they laugh]
Young Jo Beckett: Well, that leaves...
Dana Jablonski: Waltzing Mayhew. [she laughs]
Dana Jablonski: You know Elie, he was really sweet though. You like him don't you?
Young Jo Beckett: I think he's got a thing for you.
Dana Jablonski: No, he was over that months ago.

TV Show: While I Was Gone