When the Bough Breaks Quotes

Audrey Macleah: Well, it seems to me that you don't have a crime scene. And, you don't have any identifiable remains unless you make some assumptions. Now, in order to go forward and profile a suspect, you need a victimology. I mean, without that as a base you really don't have anything, do you?

Movie: When the Bough Breaks
Mike Mitchell: Did you know that you have their only embryo?
Anna Walsh: It's... a baby now.
Mike Mitchell: They don't have it! In the eyes of the law, since it's inside of you, it belongs to us. We can decide to keep it for ourselves any time we want.
Anna Walsh: But... I-I thought...
Mike Mitchell: Don't think. I think, baby. I'm the brains on this. You're just the uterus.

Movie: When the Bough Breaks
Mike Mitchell: You're into him. [Mike moves to sit next to Anna, whispering in her ear]
Mike Mitchell: What do you think is going to happen? Hmm? You'll end up happily ever after with him in that big house? He doesn't care about you. [Mike roughly grabs Anna's hair]
Mike Mitchell: You are like a cow to him.

Movie: When the Bough Breaks
Laura Taylor: [Laura rushes into the OB/GYN's office, visibly upset at having missed the appointment to find out the baby's gender]I had it in my schedule as 2: 00.
John Taylor: Maybe you just entered it wrong.
Laura Taylor: No, I didn't enter it wrong! I... Damn it, I-I know I didn't! Someone changed it in my phone! I know that I put it in right! I booked my flights around it, I know that I did! Damn it!
John Taylor: Stop, please.
Laura Taylor: [Laura and John talk privately in the hallway]This is the only time I'm ever going to be able to do this.
John Taylor: It's alright. Don't worry about it.
Anna Walsh: [Ana gets dressed in the exam room, glancing up when she notices John and Laura talking]
John Taylor: Let's just go somewhere. Lunch.
Laura Taylor: I can't. I left a client at the airport. I have to go back. [Laura exits]
Anna Walsh: [Having silently observed Laura walking away from John inside the exam room, Ana smiles to herself]

Movie: When the Bough Breaks
Anna Walsh: You need to be nicer to me, John. I will leave. The law says that I can. This is my baby.

Movie: When the Bough Breaks