Weekend Quotes

Glen: Do you ever think about finding your parents?
Russell: No, not really.
Glen: Why not?
Russell: I don't really see the point. You know, I don't think it would change anything.
Glen: Why don't I pretend to be your dad and you can come out to me?
Russell: [laughs]That is SO weird.
Glen: Just ignore the fact we just had sex.
Russell: I don't think I can. Guess I'll try. Ok. [looks Glen in the eye]
Russell: Dad? I got something I need to tell you.
Glen: [pretending to be Russell's dad]What's that?
Russell: I'm gay.
Glen: [pretends to think]Hmm.
Russell: I like guys, not girls.
Glen: [breathes out slowly]Well. You know what, son. It doesn't matter to me. I love you just the same. And guess what?
Russell: What?
Glen: I couldn't be more proud of you than if you were the first man on the moon.

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Glen: Well, you know what it's like when you first sleep with someone you don't know?
Russell: Yes.
Glen: It's... you, like, become this blank canvas and it gives you an opportunity to project onto that canvas who you want to be. That's what's interesting because everybody does that.
Russell: So do you think that I did it?
Glen: Course you did. Well, what happens is while you're projecting who you want to be... this gap opens up between who you want to be and who you really are. And in that gap, it shows you what's stopping you becoming who you want to be.

Movie: Weekend
Glen: It's like when you've had the same friends for too long, they become like - Everything becomes cemented.
Russell: What? And that's a bad thing, is it?
Glen: Of course, it's a bad thing. I don't want to be in fucking concrete, thank you very much.
Glen: It's like they won't let you, they won't let you be any version of yourself except an old version, or the version that they want you to be.

Movie: Weekend
Russell: I moved around in foster homes until I was about sixteen.
Glen: [softly]Mm-hm. Fuck.
Russell: Met my best mate there, Jamie, when we were twelve. Erm yeah, it was nice, we just went around as a pair.
Glen: Fucking hell. What was it like?
Russell: What?
Glen: Being in care.
Russell: It was fine. I mean, I wasn't abused or anything.
Glen: Shame, you should've got a refund. Do they know about you?
Russell: Who?
Glen: Jamie?
Russell: Yeah. I'm like his brother really. Everyone knows about me of my friends. Close ones, anyway.
Glen: [Glen starts snickering, bit ashamed]
Russell: What? What?
Glen: [snickers]Is it really wrong that I find the whole orphan thing pretty sexy? [laughs out loud]
Russell: [smilingly]O my god. What's wrong with you?

Movie: Weekend
Glen: Look. Straight people like us as long as we conform, we behave by their little rules. Imagine your friends if you suddenly started getting all, but really, political about being a fag, or you got suddenly, like, camp and swishy or talked about rimming all the time.
Russell: [interrupting]But that's not what I'm like, is it? That's not who I am.
Glen: Well, just trust me: They like it as long as we don't shove it down their throats.
Russell: Okay, well, why should I just shove it down their throats?
Glen: Because they shove it down our throats all the time: Being straight. Straight story lines on television, everywhere - in books, on billboards, magazines, everywhere. But, ah, the gays, the gays - [gasps]
Glen: We mustn't upset the straights. Shh. Watch out. Straights are coming. [lisping]
Glen: Let's not upset them. Let's hide in our little ghettoes. Let's not hold hands. Let's not kiss in the street, no.

Movie: Weekend
Glen: You're a terrible liar for a faggot.

Movie: Weekend
[Glen moves in to kiss Russell, then stops short]Russell: [covering his mouth]What? Do I have morning breath?
Glen: Quite the contrary. You brushed your teeth.
Russell: No.
Glen: I can smell toothpaste.
Russell: So?
Glen: Now you've broken the rule. Now you smell all minty fresh, and I smell like cock and bum.

Movie: Weekend
Glen: We have the chance to make up our own shit! We can grow our own garden, and put little flowers and pansies and gay gnomes in it, and water features and water sports and slings. But, no. Everybody wants to concrete the fucker over and get a gas barbecue.
Russell: You're obsessed with concrete. You're absolutely obsessed with it.
Glen: [laughing]But why would you want *concrete* when you can have whatever you want?

Movie: Weekend
Russell: I can see it that you think... you think I'm a fucking idiot, because I want a fucking relationship.
Glen: Did I say that?
Russell: But the thing is Glen, the thing is Glen, I think that you want one too.

Movie: Weekend
Glen: [angrily]I swear to God if you don't quit, I'm going to come down there and fuckin' rape your holes, do you hear me?

Movie: Weekend
Glen: [Glen winking at Russell]What?
Russell: [Russell staring at Glen]Nothing.
Glen: You look like you want to kiss me.
Russell: I do.
Glen: Go on then.
Russell: Not here, I can't.

Movie: Weekend
Glen: I know what artists sound like when they talk about their art, so I am not going to sit around and sound like a cunt.
Russell: Well, it's a good thing you are not an artist yet, then, isn't it?
Glen: Ohh, verrry funny!

Movie: Weekend
Glen: The problem is that no one's gonna come and see it, because it's about gay sex. So the gays'll only come because they want a glimpse of a cock, and they'll be disappointed. The straights won't come because, well, it's got nothing to do with their world. They'll go and see pictures of refugees or murder or rape. But gay sex? Fuck off.
Russell: [laughs]Fuck it. Doesn't matter, does it? I'd come.
Glen: No you wouldn't. [laughs]
Russell: Yeah I would. [pause]
Russell: Okay, maybe I wouldn't. [both laughing]
Russell: Maybe I wouldn't come.

Movie: Weekend