Va savoir Quotes

Cammille B.: I really should calm down. I knew this would happen. It was coming. I should have said no, not a chance, not Paris. Even three years later, I can't.

Movie: Va savoir
Sonia: I know what you were to him. Pierre hides nothing from me. I wasn't surprised.
Cammille B.: I was. Surprised by you.
Sonia: By me?
Cammille B.: Yes. I don't know. By your calm, if you will. Am I being too frank?
Sonia: No.

Movie: Va savoir
Ugo: Why are you staring at me?
Dominique 'Do': I think you're handsome. I'm just joking. Well, no. You have shadows under your eyes. Tired?
Ugo: This play is harder and harder.
Dominique 'Do': Mother and I plan to go tomorrow. It's not full?
Ugo: Far from it, unfortunately. I'm delighted you're coming.
Dominique 'Do': Mother will ask me to translate and explain everything. There will be "shhs" all around us.

Movie: Va savoir