Tillsammans Quotes

Elisabeth: Wait a bit. Why's it like this? Eva, you have a pink cover and pillow. Stefan has a blue pillow and cover. Why do boys have blue and girls pink? Can't I change your pillows?
Stefan: I want mine.
Elisabeth: This is important. You have to think about this when you're an adult.

Movie: Tillsammans
Göran: You could say that we are like porridge.
Göran: First we're like small oat flakes. Small, dry, fragile, alone but then we're cooked with the other oat flakes and become soft.
Göran: We join so that one flake can't be told apart from another.
Göran: We're almost dissolved. Together we become a big porridge that's warm, tasty and nutricious, and yes, quite beautiful, too.
Göran: So we are no longer small and isolated but have become warm, soft and joined together.
Göran: Part of something bigger than ourselves.
Göran: Sometimes life feels like an enormous porridge, don't you think?

Movie: Tillsammans
Tet: Is your mom a lesbian?
Stefan: What?
Tet: Mine is, and is probably in love with yours.

Movie: Tillsammans