The Whoopee Boys Quotes

Barney: Who's this? Your son?
Adm. Storey: No, he's... uhhh
Mrs. Storey: He is my nephew.
Barney: Ohhh, your nephew. He looks Iranian to me. You know my sister, Maria, she married an Iranian guy. And they are hairy son of a bitches. You know they got hair on their chest, their backs, their butts. We're talking Winnie the Pooh. We're talking Chewbacca, you know the guy in Star Wars who goes AHHHH! AHHHH!

Movie: The Whoopee Boys
Henrietta Phelps: Why don't we go around the room and introduce ourselve, and tell everyone why you came to the Phelps School?
Eddie Lipschultz: Hi! My name is Eddie, Eddie Lipschultz. I'm here because my mom's new boyfriend says I can't sleep in her bedroom anymore. I figured if I came to charm school, I might be able to... , there might be chance that I'd... , I could possibly...
Barney: [interrupting] Get laid?
Barney: [Eddie nods] I thought so.

Movie: The Whoopee Boys