The Sandbaggers Quotes

Burnside: If I want to send an agent to the lavatory, I need the Foreign Secretary's permission. If I want him to do anything when he gets there, I need the Prime Minister's written approval!

Movie: The Sandbaggers
Matthew Peele: Who needs enemies when we have computers?

Movie: The Sandbaggers
Sir Geoffrey Wellingham: If they prosecuted every MP who's sitting on classified papers that don't belong to him, the Commons would be empty. No, face facts, Neil. If the Prime Minister torpedoes Stratford-Baker, he goes down too. With his government.
'C': Loses everything he's worked for for most of his life.
Sir Geoffrey Wellingham: Or, until such time as the evidence is overwhelming, he can choose to disbelieve the allegations. Now what would human nature dictate?
Neil Burnside: All right. Then can I contact Stratford-Baker? Try to frighten him off?
Sir Geoffrey Wellingham: I've gone suddenly deaf. Haven't you, James?
'C': What was that you said, Geoffrey?

Movie: The Sandbaggers