The Reunion Quotes

Leo Carey: You know, there's no I in team, Sammie boy.
Sam Carey: No, but there's an I in family, and I'm still the oldest. So shut up.

Movie: The Reunion
[first lines]Janson: It's due tomorrow.
Wills: Hmm? What's due tomorrow?
Janson: My paper on what my dad does for a living. It's due tomorrow.
Wills: Oh, yeah. Uh, I own a company... that uh... owns a lot of other companies.
Janson: What kind of companies?
Wills: Retail, mostly. Clothes, shoes, pharmaceuticals. Some high tech stuff.
Janson: Okay, but what do you actually do?
Wills: [smirking]I make money. It's difficult to explain to someone your age.

Movie: The Reunion
Douglas Carey: [reading the letter]My father's dead.
Allie Frontiere: I thought you were an orphan.
Douglas Carey: Even orphans have fathers. Somewhere.

Movie: The Reunion
Leo Carey: [seeing their dead father wearing glasses]They expect him to do a lot of reading?
Nina Carey: Oh, yeah. The undertaker thought it would look more natural.
Leo Carey: I can't read when it's hot. By the pool in Vegas? I don't know how they do it. We're talkin' Baghdad hot where you're goin', old man.
Sam Carey: It's a dry heat.
Nina Carey: Would you please show some respect?
Douglas Carey: I need quiet when I read. He should have plenty of that.
Leo Carey: [starts cackling]That was funny, kid.
Douglas Carey: It wasn't supposed to be funny.
Leo Carey: What was your name again?

Movie: The Reunion
Leo Carey: So, what do you think of the kid?
Sam Carey: No way he came from the old man's loins.
Leo Carey: Why you say that?
Sam Carey: He's not a big enough asshole.
Leo Carey: Are you actually admitting you're an asshole?
Sam Carey: We're both assholes.

Movie: The Reunion
[subtitled version]Vred billist: Are you cruising for pussy or a bruising?
Thomas: Do we get to pick? I'll have some pussy, then.
Vred billist: Three horny senior citizens in a Berlingo? Fat chance.

Movie: The Reunion
[first lines][subtitled version]Niels: Why the hell don't they use the mail slot like in the old days?

Movie: The Reunion
[subtitled version]Simone: Why won't you answer my text messages?
Thomas: Because they choke up my memory card fifty times a week.

Movie: The Reunion
[subtitled version]Sanne: When are you gonna learn? Booze and pills are a bad combo.

Movie: The Reunion
[last lines][subtitled version]Plejehjemsbeboer: The one with the haemorrhoids... I taught him history.
Plejehjemsbeboer: The one on the right... I fucked him once.

Movie: The Reunion