The Peacekeeper Quotes

John Crichton: [a Peacekeeper Marauder has tracked down the crew of Moya] You know who it's gonna be, don't ya?
Ka D'Argo: I know who it is.
John Crichton: Bet me. C'mon D, bet me. How much?
Ka D'Argo: You're on your own my friend.
Scorpius: [Exiting the ship] Hello, John!
John Crichton: Easy money.

Movie: The Peacekeeper
Jothee: Stark is now our number one priority.
Rygel XVI: Stark? How's that for an inversion of normalcy?

Movie: The Peacekeeper
Ka D'Argo: [Chiana has found the weak points in Staleek's ship] Excellent. I'll be able to stop them cold with three perfect shots.
Chiana: Why three? You usually slay me with just one.

Movie: The Peacekeeper
Scorpius: So, how have you been, Crichton?
John Crichton: I'm good, Bob. You? The wife? The kids?
Scorpius: Busy.
John Crichton: Yeah, I hear business is booming.
Scorpius: You are right. The Scarrans and Peacekeepers are at war, and the Scarrans will prevail unless you help us to build a wormhole weapon.
John Crichton: Gee, that all sounds reasonable, Bob. Only two problems. No matter what you may believe I can't do it. And just as important - I don't think that the Peacekeepers are any better than the Scarrans. So make sure you validate your parking on the way out.
Scorpius: You will find no serenity during this conflict, Crichton. Examine your choices.
John Crichton: You are not listening. Wormholes - no! Weapons - no! Killing - no! Crichton - no.

Movie: The Peacekeeper
Yates: Did he tell you we're from some place far away?

Movie: The Peacekeeper