The Incantation Quotes

Lieutenant Dan: [to the Bartender]One beer, please.
Lucy Bellerose: Thank God! An American. [Lt. Dan brushes her off]
Lieutenant Dan: Hey, I'm just here for the Battle of Belleau Wood Memorial. Rumor has it there's a Devil Dog fountain of youth. [swigs back his beer]
Lucy Bellerose: Uh, excuse me, Sir. [she musters the courage]
Lucy Bellerose: Can I ask you...
Lieutenant Dan: [cutting her off mid-sentence]... Sorry, Miss America. Semper Fi! [He slaps the beer money on the counter and walks off]

Movie: The Incantation
Abel Baddon: Ms. Lucy, you will think about it, yes?
Lucy Bellerose: Sorry, I don't plan on dying any time soon.
Abel Baddon: No one ever does.

Movie: The Incantation