The Ghost Breakers Quotes

Alex: A lot of folks don't like you, boss. I expect some of these mornings when I come to get you outta the bed, I'll have to pull the sheet up instead of down.

Movie: The Ghost Breakers
Alex: [the candle's gone out and Larry can't find Alex] I'm right here, Mr. Lawrence.
Larry Lawrence: Oh you look like a blackout in a blackout.

Movie: The Ghost Breakers
Larry Lawrence: This is no penny ante game, Alex.
Alex: Well what are you gonna get out of it?
Larry Lawrence: Heart failure.

Movie: The Ghost Breakers
Raspy Kelly: He's drivin' his car, see? Another car comes along, runs him into a ditch. Marky gets all smashed up.
Larry Lawrence: When did it happen?
Larry Lawrence: Well, I can't tell you exactly, but it'll probably be tomorrow.

Movie: The Ghost Breakers