The Darkness and Tom Markos Quotes

Andy Miles: What's Hell like?
Tom Markos: Hell is other people.
Andy Miles: Really?
Tom Markos: No, Andy. I was being rhetorical. It's not great. Ever see that Estus Pirkle movie?... Nevermind.

Movie: The Darkness and Tom Markos
Tom Markos: Now. Do you think I could use your telephone?
Andy Miles: I'd have thought Satan, of all people, would have a cell phone.
Tom Markos: I really should have one. I keep putting it off and putting it off... I didn't even get a computer until like three years ago.
Amber Miles: It's not long distance, is it?
Tom Markos: It's to the 7th circle of Hell, so, yes.
Amber Miles: Just don't be on all night.
Tom Markos: Wonderful. I won't be but a minute. May I use your kitchen?
Amber Miles: Have at it.
Tom Markos: Oh! Would you happen to have a fax machine? After I phone my lawyer I'd like to send him the contract to look over.
Andy Miles: No. We don't have a fax machine.
Tom Markos: Nevermind. There's an OfficeMax on the way home.

Movie: The Darkness and Tom Markos