Tenacious D Quote

JB: [looks out the window and sees a hot babe] WOW, check out that superfox.
KG: You think you can handle a woman like that?
JB: I think so.
KG: Well, you better know so. Cause there's gonna be then times hotter once backstage at the Kyle Gass Project.
JB: Really?
KG: [knots his head] Sex is a crucial component to the Kyle Gass Project. Now drop and give me one cock push-up.
JB: What's a cock push-up?
KG: [Repeats JB like he is supposed to know what it means] What's a cock push-up? A cock push-up my friend, is when you lay on your stomach, and lift yourself of the ground with nothing but your boner.

Movie: Tenacious D


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