Tales of Wells Fargo Quotes

Con Toole: It's only because of Judge Jefferson. He's due in on the southbound stage and I've got a little business with him.
Jim Hardie: Judge Jefferson? Is that the man who sent you away?
Con Toole: Yep, that's right, for two years - two long years I've thought about it. Decided I'd do a little judgin' myself and you know what? I've sentenced Judge Jefferson to die.

TV Show: Tales of Wells Fargo
Dorcus: You got no reason to hold me. There ain't no law against a man running his horse next to a train.
Jim Hardie: We got a lot of reasons to hold you. Your name's Frank Dorcas. You've got a bad habit of breaking into banks and out of jails.

TV Show: Tales of Wells Fargo
Eddy Pierce: Ruth can handle a gun; there's no need for me to stay here and watch after 'em.
Jim Hardie: Well, I just think they'd feel safer is someone was here with 'em.
Eddy Pierce: Oh, you think I'd be in your way, is that it? Well, let me tell you somethin' - I can do more with one arm then most men can do with two!
Jim Hardie: You were in the army, Pierce. Since when is it a disgrace to stand guard?

TV Show: Tales of Wells Fargo
Jim Hardie: [narrating] This is Deadwood, South Dakota, the toughest town in all of the West. Life is cheap here and the gunslingers came 13 to the dozen.

TV Show: Tales of Wells Fargo
[first lines]
Katherine Anne Murdock: [narrating] They wanted me to write the truth about the savage west land. Well, I will write the truth. I'll call it "A Wilderness Without Hope". What was it Dante said? "All hope abandon ye who enter here".

TV Show: Tales of Wells Fargo
[last lines]
Jim Hardie: [narrating] The Laramie run would be open again. The miner in Cheyenne would have news from home. The cost - a few cents to him, but the real cost appears on the role of honor at Wells Fargo under the single legend - in the line of duty - you'll find Stan Blake

TV Show: Tales of Wells Fargo