Suspect Zero Quotes

Benjamin O'Ryan: I know what you're thinking. Pain is coming. Will I take it like a man? Well, let me put you at ease. You won't. None of them do. Men, women, children, they all weep, they all beg, they piss themselves, they attempt negotiation. You wouldn't believe how many men I've seen lying right where you're lying right now, grown men with wives amd children at home, offering all kinds of sexual gratification for a five-minute reprieve. It's pathetic!

Movie: Suspect Zero
Piper: Ever see a 50 foot shark?
Thomas Mackelway: I'm sorry?
Piper: A 50 foot shark. You ever seen one?
Thomas Mackelway: No.
Piper: Doesn't mean there aren't any.

Movie: Suspect Zero