Summer School Quotes

Chainsaw: Our next field trip has to be to the beach.
Dave: We have to see Annamaria in a bikini. It's very important.

Movie: Summer School
Chainsaw: We just got lapped by an old lady in a walker.

Movie: Summer School
Mrs. Gremp: How do you want your eggs? Fried, or scrambled?
Chainsaw: I don't know. What are eggs?

Movie: Summer School
Shoop: Please take your seats.
Chainsaw, Dave: Where should we take 'em?

Movie: Summer School
Shoop: Where are my car keys?
Chainsaw: There somewhere in this room. Right now you're ice cold.

Movie: Summer School
[Shoop is calling roll]
Shoop: Francis Gremp?
Chainsaw: Don't ever call me that, the name's Chainsaw.
Shoop: As in Black and Decker?
Chainsaw: As in Texas Massacre.

Movie: Summer School