Spies Quotes

Guy Burgess: Is it the uniforms, Givens?
Charlie Givens: Keep out of this.
Guy Burgess: Rowing eights, rugby fifteens. Large groups of men wearing the same clothes. Is that the attraction?
Charlie Givens: Shut up.
Guy Burgess: The best clothes are in Berlin, aren't they. Black boots, leather belts. Click your heels, Givens. Click, click, click.
Charlie Givens: I'm warning you, keep out of this.
Guy Burgess: Keep out? But that's the whole point, isn't it. Not keeping out.
Charlie Givens: You're a bloody ponce.
Guy Burgess: Hit me, go on. It's what you do, isn't it? Go on Givens, hit the bloody ponce.

Movie: Spies
Moe: What do you mean by reading a book? Suppose you learn something. Loyal Moronikans shouldn't read. Take your troops out and have them burn every book in Moronika.

Movie: Spies