Runaway Highway Quotes

Breanna Dawson: We're all running away from something. Shit, I've made a life out of that. I've learned enough to know.

Movie: Runaway Highway
Funeral Director: -referring to Breanna's urn- Now be careful. Remember what's in there.
Belle Dawson: You mean who's in there.

Movie: Runaway Highway
Belle Dawson: Never work for a pervy asshole. Duly noted. But to be fair... I think I just got myself fired.

Movie: Runaway Highway
Adam: As they say: Behind every strong woman is an even stronger man.
Belle Dawson: You know, I usually find behind every strong woman is an incredibly insecure man.

Movie: Runaway Highway
Adam: Add a long drive to family shit and it can make you tense all over. You know what a good cure for that is? Sex.
Belle Dawson: You don't say.
Adam: It's the best remedy you can find.
Belle Dawson: Well, lucky me. I've already had sex once today. And I'd be hard pressed to find someone who could outdo that performance.
Adam: Oh really? So who's this Romeo who's so good in the sack?
Belle Dawson: Me.

Movie: Runaway Highway
Adam: When I told her, she went, like, crackhead crazy!
Belle Dawson: Crackhead crazy? Really? A girl gets mad at her cheating scumbag boyfriend and suddenly she's a crackhead?
Adam: Whoa! Bring it down a notch. It was just a metaphor.
Belle Dawson: Simile.
Adam: What?
Belle Dawson: You said like a crackhead. That's a simile.

Movie: Runaway Highway
Aidan Montgomery: Name's Aidan. Aidan George Montgomery.
Belle Dawson: Aidan George Montgomery? Are you a Bible salesman? Or are you going down to the track later to bet some money on the horses?
Aidan Montgomery: Great. Hundreds of cars pass by her daily and I get the one person that doesn't respect what I do.
Belle Dawson: Okay... Belle. Belle Dawson.
Aidan Montgomery: Belle Dawson. What are you, like a hipster musician or a nineties soap opera star?
Belle Dawson: Both.

Movie: Runaway Highway
Aidan Montgomery: Take my dad for example. Well, he and I are close. And he's cool with me doing my whole self exploration thing, but at the same time he's kind of an asshole.

Movie: Runaway Highway
Aidan Montgomery: Funeral procession calling?
Belle Dawson: Worse. My mother.

Movie: Runaway Highway
Breanna Dawson: Oh my god, where are we?
Belle Dawson: Just the most beautiful place in the world.

Movie: Runaway Highway
Belle Dawson: ...every night the sun with set and every morning the sun will rise. But, day or night, rain or shine, I'll always be here for you.

Movie: Runaway Highway
Aidan Montgomery: You ever heard of a 'panic run'?
Belle Dawson: Panic run?
Aidan Montgomery: Yeah. You know, where you pretend a monster is chasing you and you run like hell?
Belle Dawson: What?
Aidan Montgomery: Come on. You've never been camping before and it's so dark and creepy outside that you hide in your tent and then pretend that you're not there do that whatever's out there doesn't come and get you?
Belle Dawson: I mean, I guess.
Aidan Montgomery: Well a panic run is the exact opposite. It's where you fully accept your death, and then you run for your life.
Belle Dawson: That might be the most childish thing I've ever heard.
Aidan Montgomery: Yeah? Well you've been dealing with a lot of adult shit right now. So it might help you relax.

Movie: Runaway Highway
Breanna Dawson: I hate it. I mean... is this supposed to be the rest of my life? Cause if it is why do I bother? This for the next fifty years. It's just not something to look forward to.
Belle Dawson: Hey. You don't mean that.
Breanna Dawson: Most of the time I wonder.

Movie: Runaway Highway
Belle Dawson: Can I ask you something?
Aidan Montgomery: Only if it's extremely personal.
Belle Dawson: This might be. How exactly did you come about this little pilgrimage of yours?
Aidan Montgomery: It was a girl.
Belle Dawson: Of course. Every man who's lead astray it's always by a woman who stole his heart like a thief in the night.

Movie: Runaway Highway
Aidan Montgomery: Coming from a family of bigwigs they don't really understand the concept of heartbreak. So I just had to get out of the house. And, thankfully, long drives are really good for the soul. So that's how I found myself out here just driving this stretch of road. I started calling it 'Runaway Highway'.
Belle Dawson: Nice. I like that.
Aidan Montgomery: Yeah, me too. It seems to have stuck. Because all the people that I meet out here they seem to be either lost or running away from something. It just kinda seemed to fit. And helping them get to where they need to go has really helped me integrate back into the real world. I really feel like I've found my lifeline out here.

Movie: Runaway Highway
Belle Dawson: I'm just endlessly distracted. I just wanted this to be fun. For the rest of my life these are the last memories that I will have of my sister. And I just have no idea what the hell I'm doing. I just want one long lasting memory of her that isn't riddled with grief.

Movie: Runaway Highway
Belle Dawson: You wanna know what your problem is? It's that you don't have any problems! Maybe your shitty boyfriend cheated on you because your relationship is shit. Maybe nobody takes you seriously because you take yourself way too seriously. So you wanna bitch? You wanna complain? You know where I'm headed right now? To a funeral cause last week my sister fucking died!

Movie: Runaway Highway
Belle Dawson: -talking about Breanna- She had a condition. And everyone just wrote her off and said she was a lost cause, except for me. I took on all that responsibility, and all of her pain, and anguish and loneliness, and I took it on like it was my own. Like my cousin Lisa. I've only seen her maybe three times in the past five years, and every time she came to visit was when Breanna was out of town. And she should know better. They all should know better. I couldn't just sit there in that crammed memorial with all of these fake people just crying and saying how much they miss her and they wished that she was still here, but why? Why? So they could ignore her? So they could just pretend like none of her problems were real. Oh what I did... it might have been a little bit crazy and incoherent but I am the only one in that mess of lunatics that deserves a final goodbye with my sister!

Movie: Runaway Highway
Brian: I just flashed on something my mom said when I was little. We had a death in our family and it high me really hard. I guess she was trying to prepare me for life. She said that life gets dark for everyone at some point. And it always just comes out of nowhere and hits you in the face like a hammer. And it distracts you so much that you just get lost in the pain. And I don't think I realized till right now, but it's at these moments that you have to remember everything that you've forgotten. Life feels like such a pile of shit right now. But if I wake up tomorrow morning my children will still be there. I'll still have that light in my life. And... I just think we just have to remember that while we have these silly excuses for life that we make sure they're worth being remembered, worth becoming someone else's loss.

Movie: Runaway Highway
Belle Dawson: Till our last sunset.

Movie: Runaway Highway
Lexie: Where the fuck are you going? What am I supposed to do?
Belle Dawson: Do you have a sister?
Lexie: Yeah.
Belle Dawson: Then why don't you go home and tell her that you love her?

Movie: Runaway Highway
Belle Dawson: I'm just gonna give you a little perspective here. Often times people are really really good at fooling themselves. And when we think we have a lot of problems, we don't. And then when we do have a lot of problems, we don't complain about them in the same way. You get it?
Lexie: What the fuck does that mean?

Movie: Runaway Highway
Belle Dawson: Ah, very clever. Slipping me your number under the guise of helping me.
Aidan Montgomery: I don't know what you're talking about. I am merely a good samaritan of the road.
Belle Dawson: Right. So I guess you're gonna want my number in case you just innocently wanna check up on me.
Aidan Montgomery: No, I'm good. I'll just let you call me.

Movie: Runaway Highway
Genevieve: I was with this guy like eight months and, bombshell, come to find out he was banging another woman who was like ten years older than me.
Belle Dawson: Shut the fuck up! I literally just broke up with my boyfriend cause he was cheating on me with an older woman too.
Genevieve: Kindred spirits. Here's to being less appealing than women halfway to being our mothers.
Belle Dawson: Here's to being cat ladies.

Movie: Runaway Highway
Genevieve: Look at this fucking thing! It looks like something a space whore would wear.
Belle Dawson: No. No, you look beautiful. I noticed you from way up the road. And I don't even like dresses... or women.

Movie: Runaway Highway