Ronja Rövardotter Quotes

Fjosok: What will her name be?
Lovis: Ronja. Like I've already decided long ago.
Lill-Klippen: But what if it had been a boy?
Lovis: If I've said that my child's name will be Ronja, it will be a Ronja.

Movie: Ronja Rövardotter
Mattis: Take your son, Borka. But you cannot return a child to me, for I don't have one.
Borka: What are you saying?
Mattis: I'm saying you can have your son back. But you can't return a daughter to me, for I don't have a child.
Lovis: But I've got one! Even though the child's father has gone more than a little bit crazy.

Movie: Ronja Rövardotter