Revenge of the Ninja Quote

Cathy: [after betraying Braden, Cathy wakes up to find herself tied up in a hot tub of boiling water] [shouts]
Cathy: What are you doin to me?
Braden: [shakes his head with dismay] Cathy, you're a disappointment and my trust in you is gone. You've shown too much compassion.
Cathy: [sees Kane tied up in the sauna room and gasps when she remembers that she was hypnotized into kidnapping him] [shouts]
Cathy: Oh, my God! What have I done? [looks at Braden with hate in her eyes]
Cathy: [shouts] What do you want with him?
Braden: He saw me, Cathy, so now he and his father must die.
Cathy: Don't kill Cho! Please!
Braden: Goodbye, Cathy. [Braden laughs wickedly and turns the water jets on Cathy, full blast]

Movie: Revenge of the Ninja


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