Resident Evil: Damnation Quotes

Ada Wong: Amateurs. They didn't even give me a pat-down.

Movie: Resident Evil: Damnation
Leon S. Kennedy: Did you release the Plaga?
Ada Wong: Don't make me laugh. I'm not interested in defective products. I'm just here to lend them a hand.
Leon S. Kennedy: Them?
Ada Wong: Although it seems as if my help wasn't needed.
Leon S. Kennedy: What are you doing here?
Ada Wong: If they attack the capital, it'll make my job a lot easier. That's all. By the way, when are we going to carry on from where we left off that night?
Leon S. Kennedy: Any time but now.
Ada Wong: You're angry with me, aren't you? Suits you. [shoots her grapple gun through the hole in the ceiling and leaves]
Ada Wong: Quick word of warning. This town will be purged soon!
Leon S. Kennedy: Women.

Movie: Resident Evil: Damnation
Leon S. Kennedy: Great. Now I got a cowardly lion to deal with.

Movie: Resident Evil: Damnation
Ada Wong: So it's true what they said about you being a former instructor.
Svetlana Belikova: Former? I still *am* an instructor.

Movie: Resident Evil: Damnation
Buddy: I've lost everything. My mentor, my friends. I have nothing left to fight for. Kill me. Please. I don't want to change into one of those monsters. Well, I guess there is no other choice.
Leon S. Kennedy: I'd feel the same way if I was you. But the option of taking our own lives no longer belongs to us. Once we start using these, we owe it to the people who died alongside us. We have to continue living. Even if it means living the rest of our lives without the use of your limbs. That is my answer and your answer, Buddy.

Movie: Resident Evil: Damnation
Svetlana Belikova: Where did you go last night? You were not in the hotel.
Ada Wong: I went to meet an old friend.
Svetlana Belikova: And this friend, is he a spy? Who are you working for? The Russians? The Americans?
Ada Wong: I'll leave that to your imagination.
Svetlana Belikova: Considering that you will never be leaving this country again, I would say it is in your best interests to stay on my good side.
Ada Wong: Very funny.

Movie: Resident Evil: Damnation
[from trailer]Leon S. Kennedy: If you don't stop messing around with that thing, you're gonna get us all killed.

Movie: Resident Evil: Damnation
[from trailer]Ada Wong: I have been sent here by the BSAA. My name, is Ada Wong.

Movie: Resident Evil: Damnation
JD: What I mean is being in America is a lot more fun than being here, right?
Leon S. Kennedy: I wouldn't know.
JD: The hamburgers, man. The fried chicken. The food in your country's fantastic. I could eat it everyday.
Leon S. Kennedy: Thanks for the valuable insight.
JD: And the Hollywood movies. I love those things. I have 50 DVDs. None of them are pirated.
Leon S. Kennedy: I thought you guys hated America.
JD: Sure, we hate it. But things made in America? Now that's different.

Movie: Resident Evil: Damnation
Ingrid Hunnigan: Listen to me carefully, Leon. Your mission has been aborted. The U.S. is going to pull out of the country.
Leon S. Kennedy: What? I just got here. After taking me off furlough and sending me to this godforsaken place? What the hell?
Ingrid Hunnigan: Washington and the government there have decided to go their separate ways. Everyone has to leave, not just embassy staff. All American citizens have been to evacuate the country.
Leon S. Kennedy: I don't give a damn about the politics. We've got confirmation that B.O.W.'s are being used in this war. If we don't stop them now, the same shit will happen everywhere else. Do you really want to see that?
Ingrid Hunnigan: This is a war and things are different. No one can do anything without backup from the American government. Not even you.
Leon S. Kennedy: Well, then I guess my only option is to lose my American citizenship for a while.
Ingrid Hunnigan: Leon! [switches off comm]
Leon S. Kennedy: She can tell them I got lost and missed my flight.

Movie: Resident Evil: Damnation
JD: It's time for me to go. But I'll be rooting for you from heaven.
Buddy: Get up, you idiot. You think that vest you're wearing is a girl's blouse? We have to get Ataman away from here.
JD: I should have guessed. Made in America.

Movie: Resident Evil: Damnation
JD: Oh, I knew I should have stayed off the junk food.

Movie: Resident Evil: Damnation
Leon S. Kennedy: I was looking forward to showing you America. [shoots Plaga infected JD]

Movie: Resident Evil: Damnation
Buddy: The American and the Russians had us in the palm of their hands from the beginning.
Leon S. Kennedy: That's what it looks like.
Buddy: Did you know about this?
Leon S. Kennedy: No. If I did, I'd still be enjoying my vacation.

Movie: Resident Evil: Damnation
Leon S. Kennedy: Do I look like I need a pruning?

Movie: Resident Evil: Damnation