Reno 911! Quote

Jones: Who's your guys' best friend in the world?
Garcia: Santa Claus?
Junior: Yeah, that's what I was gonna say, Santa Claus.
Jones: Nope. Jones is your best friend, 'cause guess who's got tickets to the game!
{Everyone cheers}
Jones: We're going to University of Reno!
Williams: To Jonesy! (everyone holds up their coffee mugs in a toast)
(Dangle enters skipping)
Dangle: Hello Gang!
Williams: Good Morning!
Dangle: Good morning indeed, very good morning indeed!
Williams: Yes it is, yes it is.
Dangle: I've been promoted!
All: (unenthusiastically) What?
Williams: Really?
Dangle: I'm going up to Carson City. (everyone cheers) Going to Carson City: Nevada State Police Director of Public Relations, Jim Dangle!
(Everyone claps)
Dangle: I'm goin', girl! And I made some reservations for Friday night, at Dan Swanky's, and thought maybe we could have a farewell dinner at Dan Swanky's at eight. I look forward to seeing you there and I'm going to miss you a whole lot of missing you all!
(Everyone grimaces - the get-together is the same night as the game.)
Johnson: ...I think Saturday is a great day for Dan Swanky's.
Jones: Yeah, I agree.
Dangle: What part about my reservation at Dan Swanky's didn't I make clear? I mean, I made a reservation at eight on Friday.
Jones: Sir, I, uh, I got us all tickets to the Lady Wolfpack, there's a final conference game and, well, this doesn't happen very often... sir.
Dangle: It's mandatory. It's mandatory. How's that?
Jones: Sir, I, uh, it's just...
Dangle: Are we talking about the Lady Wolfpack still?
Jones: I just...
Junior: Could we for a second?
Dangle: Hey, you know what's flying in? (makes helicopter sound) Oh. A perio

TV Show: Reno 911!


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