Rainbow Quotes

Dargent Peytraud: I want to hear you scream!

Movie: Rainbow
Finian McLonergan: How dare you come back here! Didn't I tell you you were an optical delusion?
Og: I was ready to believe you yesterday but not today. Today I have proof!
Finian McLonergan: What proof?
Og: Does an optical illusion feel such a hungry yearning burning inside of him? Does an optical illusion feel the beat, beat, beat of the tom-tom in the roaring traffic's boom in his lonely room?
Finian McLonergan: Are you flying high and wide on a magic carpet ride full of butterflies inside?
Og: Aye, and what's worse, smoke keeps coming out of me eyes.
Finian McLonergan: You go round like an elevator lost in the tide?
Og: That's the feeling! Day and night, night and day!

Movie: Rainbow
Frank Porter: All right, but I'm warnin' you, if the law don't help us, we'll settle this with hot lead!

Movie: Rainbow
Rainbow Brite: Starlite, quick!
Starlite: I will not wear booties.
On-X: Better than falling down.
Starlite: [neighs in annoyance] Ooh, my poor dignity.

Movie: Rainbow
Sharon McLonergan: [singing] When a rich man doesn't want to work/ He's a bon vivant/ Yes, he's a bon vivant. But when a poor man doesn't want to work / he's a loafer, he's a lounger he's a lazy good for nothing...
Finian McLonergan: He's a jerk. When a rich man loses on a horse/ isn't he the sport /oh, isn't he the sport / but when a poor man loses on a horse / he's a gambler, he's a spender, he's a lowlife, he's a reason for divorce. When a rich man chases after dames, he's a man about town/ a man about town / but when a poor man chases after dames / he's a bounder, he's a rounder, he's a rotter, and a lotter dirty names.

Movie: Rainbow
Sharon McLonergan: Do you mean to say you're taking this land from these people merely because their skins are black?
Henry: Don't let them chase us, Sharon!
Senator Billboard Rawkins: Will somebody shut this kid up? He's making me look like a bully. Get them out of here, Sheriff.
Sheriff: You heard the Senator, you folks better start packing!
Boy: Is Henry the wrong color?
Sharon McLonergan: No, he's the right color. [she runs after Senator Rawkins]
Sharon McLonergan: But there's something wrong with the world! I wish...
Finian McLonergan: Sharon, don't...
Sharon McLonergan: There's something wrong with the world that him and his kind have made for people like Henry! I wish you could know what that world is like! I wish to God you were black! [wind, thunder]
Senator Billboard Rawkins: Well, I'm a son of a biscuit...

Movie: Rainbow
Pari: [joking]Please God, give me the strength not to kill my brother!

Movie: Rainbow