Queen of Katwe Quotes

Robert Katende: [Robert speaking to Phiona]Sometimes the place you are use to... is not the place where you belong

Movie: Queen of Katwe
Robert Katende: [At 143: 45 Robert looks across the table at Fiona]I can see your mothers strength in you Fiona... How is she? [Fiona looks down not wanting to answer]
Robert Katende: If I could see my mother... for just one more time... I would have gave everything in my possession for that.

Movie: Queen of Katwe
Phiona Mutesi: [Around 143: 00]Checkmate ! [Phiona and Nakku both giggle]
Phiona Mutesi: You must consider the other side of your board. [Phiona and Nakku high five each other as Robert puts both hands behind his head]
Phiona Mutesi: .
Robert Katende: Nowadays you beat me so easily. Here I think strategy must run in your blood... Did one of your ancestors command a great army?
Phiona Mutesi: These pieces are my army.
Robert Katende: You must play at Rwabushenyi. It is the premiere tournament in their country. You will be playing international masters... or do you fear losing?
Phiona Mutesi: Losing teaches me how to play better... I will play.

Movie: Queen of Katwe
Benjamin: [around 113: 00 celebrating wins in international tournament in Sudan the three are at a table drinking floats and eating french fries]We use to eat rice and beans in the village... look at what we are eating now mmm mmm mmm.
Ivan: Ketchup... it's the greatest thing ever invented ! [laughing the 3 hold up one french fry with ketchup on it in a toasting fashion and say ketchup yeah... Cheers]
Ivan: .

Movie: Queen of Katwe
Phiona Mutesi: [Triumphant finger - snap].

Movie: Queen of Katwe