Orlando Quotes

Archduke Harry: I'm offering you my hand.
Orlando: Oh! Archduke! That's very kind of you, yes. I cannot accept.
Archduke Harry: But I... I am England. And you are mine.
Orlando: I see. On what grounds?
Archduke Harry: That I adore you.

Movie: Orlando
Orlando: If I were a man...
Shelmerdine: You?
Orlando: I might choose not to risk my life for an uncertain cause. I might think that freedom won by death is not worth having. In fact...
Shelmerdine: You might choose not to be a real man at all. Say, if I were a woman...
Orlando: You?
Shelmerdine: I might choose not to sacrifice my life caring for my children, nor my children's children, nor to drown anonymously in the milk of female kindness, but instead, say, to go abroad. Would I then be...
Orlando: A real woman?

Movie: Orlando
Orlando: I can find only three words to describe the female sex. None of which are worth expressing.

Movie: Orlando
Pope: Sir, I accept your general rule, that every poet is a fool, but you yourself may serve to show it, that every fool is not a poet.

Movie: Orlando