Only Fools and Horses Quote

Rodney: I never thought I'd see you like this! You're acting like a big kid just 'cos we're stuck in a lift for a while.
Del Boy: Yes, well you don't know how I feel! (kicks the door a couple of times) I feel... I feel sort of frightened! You don't know what that's like!
Rodney: I don't know what it's like?! How d'you think I've felt for the last couple of weeks since Cassie... since what happened?
Del Boy: I don't know, Rodney, I don't know how you've felt!
Rodney: Well, I'll tell you, frightened ain't the word! D'you know what I did last night?
Del Boy: No, but I bet it was depressing!
Rodney: I sat and read my diaries from when I was a school kid.
Del Boy: See, I was right!
Rodney: No, not quite. I actually noticed moments of hope inside those pages - I mean there weren't many - just the occasional oasis of promise in a desert of pessimism. They were simple hopes, as you'd expect for someone of my age. I hoped for - hairs, hoped I'd do well in my exams, I even hoped for a good job when I left school.
Del Boy: Well, you got hairs, didn't you? Think how Right Said Fred must feel.
Rodney: Me and Cass were so happy, Del. We were looking forward and all we could see in front of us was a big wide highway and we were just cruising like we were in a Rolls-Royce. And suddenly it came to a shattering halt - just like the poxy lift. Suddenly Happy Families became Dungeons and Dragons. (crying) And I've never felt sodding pain like that in all my life.
Del Boy: Is Cassandra hurting?
Rodney: Well of course she is!
Del Boy: How d'you now? You haven't talked to her about it.
Rodney: No, and d'you know why? Because... it's because... It's almost like if I don't talk about it, it might not be true.
Del Boy: But it is.

TV Show: Only Fools and Horses


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