Only Fools and Horses Quote

Del Boy: Ever since you went vegetarian you've become a right miserable git.
Raquel: There's nothing wrong with being vegetarian Del.
Rodney: That's right! One in five people in this country now refuse to eat meat. Mickey Pearce has become a vegetarian.
Del Boy: Yeah, but only since he got the sack from World Of Leather. A man needs a bit of fat and stodge to solid things up. Any doctor'll tell you that. All that carrot and cabbage cobblers, no wonder you're depressed.
Rodney: I am depressed because of the state of the state of my life at the moment. I've got this horrible feeling that if there is such a thing as reincarnation, knowing my luck I'll come back as me!

TV Show: Only Fools and Horses


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