Only Fools and Horses Quote

Raquel: (when Rodney arrives at the Nag's Head after cleaning Del's recently accquired Capri Ghia) Your finger's bleeding, Rodney.
Rodney: Yeah, that happened when me hand went straight through the bodywork! I'm bleeding, see! There's blood! Oh yeah. Mike, you got a plaster?
Del Boy: Oi, what d'you mean your hand went through straight through the bodywork?
Rodney: There's a big rust hole in the wing. Boycie's blokes had stuffed it full of newspapers and body-filler and sprayed over it.
Boycie: That's slanderous, Rodney. That must have happened before I took possession of the vehicle!
Rodney: They were yesterday's newspapers!

TV Show: Only Fools and Horses


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