Only Fools and Horses Quote

Uncle Albert: Who's there?
Tony Angelino: Can I speak to Mr Twotter?
Raquel: It's Tony, let him in.
Tony Angelino: I've come for me money.
Del Boy: All right not now son I'm up to my eyes in it come back tomorrow.
Tony Angelino: No not tomowwow. I want me money now. I did the performance didn't i? I did the wepotoire that you YOU insisted on.
Del Boy: I didn't know you couldn't pronouce your R's.
Tony Angelino: What does that matter?
Uncle Albert: Quite a lot when you sing songs with R's in.
Tony Angelino: I don't sing songs with R's in and if the song has got an R in it I change the lywics.
Del Boy: Then why didn't you change the lywics tonight?
Tony Angelino: How can I change the lywics to Cwying?! The bloody song's called Cwying!

TV Show: Only Fools and Horses


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