Only Fools and Horses Quote

Dr. Robbie Meadows: You've got to make a decision, Mr Trotter: we can either save you or the baby.
Del Boy: Robbie Meadows, you old git.
Dr. Robbie Meadows: Del please.
Del Boy: Sorry. Doctor Meadows, you old git. What you doing here?
Dr. Robbie Meadows: I've got good news and bad news Del. The good news is they put me in charge of your case.
Del Boy: What's the bad news?
Dr. Robbie Meadows: I specialise in amputation.
Del Boy: Good one. So how come you're in charge?
Dr. Robbie Meadows: Accident really. I was chatting to some collegues when the name Derek Trotter came up, so I asked to see your GP's notes and look at your tests. I was amazed, I found myself reading about this non smoking, tee-total, celibate, vegetarian health freak. I thought to myself can this be the same Derek Trotter I know and begrudginly admire? That wheeling dealing Pina Colada lout, the Castella king, the curry coniseur, the same man who's lived his life on fast food, fried bread and doubtful women?
Del Boy: Was it?
Dr. Robbie Meadows: Yeah it was.

TV Show: Only Fools and Horses


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