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Del Boy: Oh yes, yes, he won and all that, and it's all pukka and above board, and we're here...
Cassandra: So what's the problem?
Rodney: That's strange, you know.
Cassandra: What?
Rodney: Well, I noticed it on the plane, but it didn't sort of register. They're all mums and dads - they've all got their kids with them.
Cassandra: What's strange about that?
Rodney: Well, except for me, right, all the winners are parents.
Del Boy: No, it's not the parents that are the winners, Rodney... It's the kids.
Cassandra: What do you mean?
Del Boy: Well Rodney's painting won first prize... in an under fifteen year old category.
Rodney: (stunned) Say again?
Cassandra: So they think Rodney's fifteen?!
Rodney: Is that right?
Del Boy: No. They think you're fourteen.
Rodney: Fourteen? (to Cassandra) They think I'm fourteen!
[Cassandra dissolves into giggles.]
Rodney: Why didn't you tell me this back in England?
Del Boy: Well I thought it might cast a little cloud over the holiday. Look, Rodney, I sent your painting off in good faith. I didn't know there were lots of categories, but you're the one who wrote on it, "Rodney Trotter, aged 14 1/2", so the organisers must have put you in the kids category. So it's your fault, that you wrote on it.
Rodney: But how was I to know that in 12 years' time, you were going to enter it into a cornflake competition?
Del Boy: Well how was I supposed to know that you'd win? Come on Rodney, it doesn't matter, you're going to waltz through it!
Rodney: Waltz through it?! - how the hell am I gonna pass for fourteen?!
[Cassandra is beside herself with laughter.]
Rodney: (icily) Will y

TV Show: Only Fools and Horses


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