Neighbours Quotes

Amy: It's a secret, Sarah made me promise not to tell anyone.
Lance: Sarah doesn't know you very well then.

TV Show: Neighbours
Billy: Must be a hot date if you're using an iron.

TV Show: Neighbours
Lance: Come on guys, it's a wedding dress - who cares?
Amy: You'll be very different when you're getting married.
Lance: I've decided I'm not going to wear a dress.

TV Show: Neighbours
Max Ramsay: [to Jim] What are you gonna do about those bloody Neighbours of yours?

TV Show: Neighbours
Susan: Your behaviour at the coffee shop was way out of line.
Stingray: Why?
Susan: Well, you can't say those things, you can't tell Jezebel that I've been bagging her.
Stingray: But you have!
Susan: It doesn't matter. The things we say in private aren't necessarily the things we say in public.
Stingray: Why can't people just be honest?
Libby: Yeah, ma. Are you saying it's okay to be two-faced?
Stingray: Yeah, ma.
Susan: [laughing] No I am not! I'm just saying that sometimes it's not appropriate to tell the truth.
Stingray: So really what you're saying is, sometimes it's appropriate to lie!
Susan: Don't you have homework?
Stingray: That depends if you want an honest answer or not.
Susan: Go to your room!
Stingray: Okay!
Libby: [to Susan] Oh, I think I like him!
Susan: You can keep him!

TV Show: Neighbours
Toadie: Will you marry me?
Dee: What?
Toadie: You heard.
Dee: Yep.
Toadie: What?
Dee: You heard.

TV Show: Neighbours