Need for Speed - Most Wanted (VG) Quotes

Razor: [BMW M3 GTR gets towed away because Razor, Ronnie and Toru messed with your ride] Thank you for the ride. I knew you weren't blacklist material.
Mia: What happened?
Toru: What happened was, he was all show and no go. [They all laugh]
Razor: Hey Mia, sweetheart. Winner's circle is over here.
JV (Blacklist #4): [On the phone, listening to other Blacklist racers, exclaims: ] Cops! Cops! Cops!
Razor: [They all get into cars, except the player. Razor pulls up in his Ford Mustang GT] Bus stop's that way, champ.
Sgt Cross: [Cross pulls up] The UC knew you were the one, but you're mine now. [You get thrown to the ground]
Female Officer: Hey, where's your fancy ride?
Sgt Cross: Who cares? He's not needing it where he's going. And they are going to love you in the big house.

Movie: Need for Speed - Most Wanted (VG)