My Bunny Lies Over the Sea Quotes

Bugs Bunny: [disguised as Scotsman] So, MacR-r-rory, poaching on my pr-r-roperty. I'm displeased, MacR-r-rory. You shouldnae shoot my r-r-r-rabbits.
MacRory: Yon bonnie rabbit dinna belong to you.
Bugs Bunny: It dinna?
MacRory: No, it dinna.
Bugs Bunny: Wanna bet?
MacRory: No. We'll settle this in true Scots tradition, at games.
Bugs Bunny: Games? [sets up a card table and deals cards]
Bugs Bunny: Okay, pigeon, sit down.
MacRory: Nah, nah! We dinna play that game.
Bugs Bunny: Is there another one?
MacRory: [pulling out two golf bags] Golf.
Bugs Bunny: Golf?
MacRory: Aye, golf. Choose your weapons.
Bugs Bunny: Have it your way, Mac, but don't you get tired of running them eighteen bases?

Movie: My Bunny Lies Over the Sea