Mission Galactica - The Cylon Attack Quotes

[Under the personal command of Baltar, an enormous armada of Cylon raiders attacks the Colonial Fleet]
Count Baltar: [from the command seat of a Cylon raider] This time the Galactica hasn't a chance. Concentrate our fighters on the Galactica's landing bays! Her warriors won't be able to refuel, reload, or land! [Cylon raiders converge on the Galactica's Alpha flight bay and one breaks through the bay's force field and punches into the interior wall, exploding into a raging fire]
Flight Cpl. Omega: Fire in the bay.
Cmdr. Adama: Danmage report.
Flight Cpl. Omega: It's out of control. Alpha Bay is completely cut off. [Cylon raiders blast away at the Galactica and the Fleet's civilian ships as the Galactica's viper squadrons fight back]
Count Baltar: Continue leading her warriors away from the main fleet. They can't stay aloft using full battle thrusters for very long.
Cylon Centurion: A word of caution. We too are expending great amounts of fuel in a sustained attack. [Baltar's raider joins a Cylon phalanx as it shoots down several vipers directly ahead]
Count Baltar: Yes, but we have a place to land, they do not, or WILL not before long. [the Galactica continues to take Cylon fire as the battlestar Pegasus, undetected by Cylon forces, is maneuvering into position]
Col. Tolan: We are running parallel to the attacking Cylons on their rear flank, but the Galactica's reporting heavy damage to her landing bays. [Commander Cain studies the main scanner]
Cmdr. Cain: Bring her around sixty degrees. We're going in.

TV Show: Mission Galactica - The Cylon Attack