McCloud Quotes

Chief Superintendant Caldwell: Peter, what is this all about? Your officer just attacked the Grand Marshall and stole his wife's horse.
Peter B. Clifford: Eh, Superintendant, it's a little difficult to explain McCloud to a foreigner, unAmerican, non-American. It's a little difficult for me to understand him myself.

TV Show: McCloud
Officer Douglas Breen: [At the zoo: throwing Brewster, with his expensive camera, into some bushes] Get over in there!
Officer Douglas Breen: [Holding up a small cylindrical paper object] You know what this is?
Brewster McCloud: A poorly rolled cigarette.
Officer Douglas Breen: It's a marijuana cigarette. It's dope. It's dope I picked up after I saw you drop it outta' your pocket. You give me that camera and we'll forget this little matter. If ya' don't, it's one to ten. So take your pick.
Brewster McCloud: Mister, one of us is crazy.
Officer Douglas Breen: Oh, yeah? [Pulls out his badge and holds it out]
Officer Douglas Breen: "Breen." "Narcotics." [a bird turd promptly splats on the badge]

TV Show: McCloud
Sam McCloud: If I was you, I'd find a trail out o' here before ya get me riled up.

TV Show: McCloud
Sam McCloud: Will you hold my bomb just a minute? Just a minute. I got a pebble in my boot.
Peter B. Clifford: Must have fallen out of your head.

TV Show: McCloud
Sergeant Joe Broadhurst: My promotion is at stake. I'm not blowin' 15 years on the force and 8 years of marriage just to help make you a hero.
Sam McCloud: You don't have to worry about your promotion, you're not gonna make Lieutenant. Do you know why? Huh? Do you know why?
Sergeant Joe Broadhurst: You'd better spell it out for me, McCloud.
Sam McCloud: [shouting] Because you have no guts. No guts! That's the trouble with you city policemen, you gotta have an order to breathe. You know, where I come from, when we get on the trail of something, we just mount up and ride off.

TV Show: McCloud
[repeated line]
Sam McCloud: *There* yuh go!

TV Show: McCloud