Manna from Heaven Quotes

Dottie: I just... always thought I'd get married. You know, someone to share the little things with... It surprises me that it never happened.
Rita: Oh God, Dot. We were so naive. I thought if I could dance and marry Tony, everything would be happy ever after. And now Ramona's always mad at me, my Ma's always mad at me. And Tony. We've got this last chance and Tony's lost heart - Oh my God, I never said that. He thinks we can win, I'm sure of it...

Movie: Manna from Heaven
Helen: Aren't you two forgetting a little something?
Rita: Please, Ma, just keep Ramona for a little while. This is our chance for the bigtime. You know how good we are.
Helen: Good for nothing is what you are. You gave up your chance for the big time when you got in the back seat with Mr. Hotblood Italian, can't control himself. Why couldn't you have dated some nice Irish boy...
Rita: Like the nice Irish boy who knocked you up and took off...
Helen: I wanted more for you!
Rosalie: You have to give the money back.
Tony: Momma, I am not giving it back!
Dottie: I could go to beauty school.

Movie: Manna from Heaven
Inez: He walked in at three twenty. Right on the button.
Dottie: Seven nights in a row. This is pretty serious. Did you find out his name yet?
Inez: He knows how to gamble. He knows how to drink. He knows how to smoke. There's something wrong with this guy.

Movie: Manna from Heaven