Lucy - The Daughter of the Devil Quotes

"Special Father #1: Do you think that on a Coast Guard cutter, in the middle of the ocean, they made instant cocoa and put shaved cinnamon on it? Special Father #2: It's possible! Special Father #1: It is not possible.

Movie: Lucy - The Daughter of the Devil
Lucy: I know Sinsperations!
Satan: You do?
Lucy: Yeah, I actually wrote a letter to them once! I had this amazing idea for a...
Satan: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Daddy doesn't wanna hear Baby's ideas about dildos.
Lucy: No, it's a vibrator! It...
Satan: No, no, no, no, no. I don't want to hear this.
Lucy: Dad! So prudish! I'm a big, BIG masturbator.
Satan: Bye!
Lucy: I thought you knew that about me! It's one of my things!
Satan: Bye!
Lucy: You know what? I would love to come in and do product testing.
Satan: Bye! Shut my phone!
Lucy: Oh! Do you have a "Bring Your Daughter To Work" Day?

Movie: Lucy - The Daughter of the Devil
RandomKid: What are you doing?
DJ Jesus: Oh, I'm holding my arms out for three days and three nights. To break the world record. Y'know, we're also podcasting and videoblogging.
RandomKid: Yeah? How do you go to the bathroom?
DJ Jesus: A catheter.
RandomKid: How do you go poop?
Judas: That'd be me, right here! You wanna try it?
RandomKid: Oh, boy, can I?
Judas: Yeah, is it cool with you, Jesus?
DJ Jesus: Yeah, it's all right, man!
RandomKid: Thank you!
Judas: Okay. Hold it under him.
DJ Jesus: Here we go...
Judas: Kid, hold it under him!
RandomKid: Um... I don't wanna- Oh. Oh!

Movie: Lucy - The Daughter of the Devil
Satan: Look, I paid for your stupid art school, didn't I? And I got you a dog! A hypoallergenic dog, mind you, cause you're allergic...
Lucy: Excuse me, did you just say "stupid" art school? Dad?
Satan: No! Art is not stupid... Lucy.

Movie: Lucy - The Daughter of the Devil