Life Partners Quotes

Sasha: Guess I should've known that as soon as you found someone else to couple up with, that you'd be done with me.
Paige: Sasha, that is not fair. Okay yes, I am less available to you now than I was before when there was no one else in my life and we talked every night till 2 in the morning. But that was always gonna change when one of us met someone. I mean you don't talk to your friends till 2 in the morning anymore, you stop needing that.
Sasha: But you still have that.
Paige: What?
Sasha: You... ah... you still talk to someone till 2 in the morning, it's just him now. Nothing changed for you. It just changed for me. Can you acknowledge that, please?

Movie: Life Partners
[first lines] Sasha: Watch where you're going, bitch!
Paige: What?
Sasha: Thanks for cutting me off.
Paige: You almost knocked my side view mirror off, slut.
Sasha: You are lucky I have to be somewhere or I'd fuck your ass up right now.
Paige: Fuck you!
Sasha: Fuck you!

Movie: Life Partners
Paige: We're still the only ones who think we're funny.

Movie: Life Partners
Paige: Great, now you are just being a dick.
Tim: Maybe I just found my dick.
Paige: Whatever, you know, I deserve to be with somebody who appreciates me the way that I am and if you can't do that, then...
Tim: Gotcha [slams door behind him]

Movie: Life Partners
[Last lines] Paige: [Paige honks on Sasha]Hey, bitch! [Sasha gets out of the car and then, Paige gets out of her car and walks to Sasha]

Movie: Life Partners
Sasha: You didn't tell her it's a set up, right?
Paige: No, no no no, no pressure. No, but you know when heard of you guys fell in love and we went on double dates and lived happily ever after.
Sasha: Okay, psycho.

Movie: Life Partners