Legend of the Lost Quotes

Dita: Poor Paul. He was so kind! How could it happen?
Joe January: [Cynically] It happens...
Dita: But to him? He believed in God!
Joe January: I can't recite any Psalms for ya', but I know about people who believe in God. Our friend didn't! He put his faith in his father. A man! A human being! That's an easy faith to lose. I know about that, too.
Dita: But he was a good man. He tried to do good. He dreamed of goodness all his life.
Joe January: I'm gettin' a little sick of this "Poor Paul," "Kind man," "Full of grace." What does it take to wake you up? He didn't believe in anything but being a big-shot with God as a front. I've seen these do-gooders before - usually doin' the most good for themSELVES! Believing in God is different than drooling over rubies and emeralds.

Movie: Legend of the Lost
Doctor Eric Kiviat: [Witnessing the soldiers having just killed the adult male after it charged at them because they had drugged its mate]
Doctor Eric Kiviat: You've any idea what you've just done?
Doctor Eric Kiviat: That was a one-of-a-kind specimen.
Colonel Nsogbu: No, Professor, there were two.
Colonel Nsogbu: [Pointing at the adult female, which is still alive]
Colonel Nsogbu: *That* is a one-of-a-kind specimen.

Movie: Legend of the Lost
Donner: I got some lighters.
Robbie: I got a fold-out pan.
Prancer: Turntables, mirror ball, speakers... I didn't think there was much nightlife out here, so I packed up my disco. Disco Prancer, it's an essential.

Movie: Legend of the Lost
Old Jingle: Sure I can send you and E-mail. [Picks up computer]
Old Jingle: Anyone else going to the post office?

Movie: Legend of the Lost