Laredo Quotes

Blacksmith: Hardin, that boy cost me 50 dollars. That's 50 dollars for the boy and 50 cents for the grave. That's $50.50 you owe me.
John Wesley Hardin: Don't stand there talking nonsense to me while I'm working hard at getting drunk. Just drag your man off behind the sand hill and the big pig will eat him, and save you 50 cents.

TV Show: Laredo
Rannie Carter: He wasn't much of a hand at nothing but a jug. But he was decent enough to me. I sure hope there's plenty of filled-up jugs wherever he's gone.

TV Show: Laredo
[Joe is making a poultice for Jack's wound]
Missy Mabry: Learn your doctorin' in school?
Joe Riley: I never had much schoolin'. Learned this from a Mescalero medicine man.
Missy Mabry: Papa says the Mescaleros are savages.
Joe Riley: Some. Just like some white men.

TV Show: Laredo