King of the Hill Quote

Peggy: Hey Hank, I just said...
Hank: I heard ya. The whole neighborhood can hear you cussing.
Peggy: It's not cussing Hank, to say the name of a god-given body part.
Hank: Well it is if it's the part of a body that was meant to be concealed by an undergarment. You're dealing with organs that people just don't want to know about.
Peggy: Well, Bobby ought to know about 'em. We don't him growing up as repressed as we did.
Hank: Sure we do. I'm drawing the line here, Peggy. My son is not gonna learn this crazy crap! It says right here that he can't take the class without permission from both his parents!
Peggy: Now, just hold on. Are you saying I'm not good enough to teach my own son?!
Hank: If you do not approve, you do not have to sign, and I do not approve. Permission denied!

TV Show: King of the Hill


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